My last reflection

I had wasted my most of time on computer till this lesson and I knew most of sites. I was in a thought of it would be easy for me at the begining but after a while ı’ve realized that it is not that much easy. Actually the reason is this is my third year here and I have taken all the courses of fourth class as well. I didn’t enough time to do the projects or go to the course in time. At the lesson time I had other courses. Despite all these ı have learned a lot from this course. I think that it should be given at first class.

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Week 11

    Free website builders is known as Weebly, and this web builder can be a great choice for many types of web based businesses. Like all such free sites, Weebly has both advantages and disadvantages, and it is important for would be users to learn as much as they can about its services before getting started. The first step for would be Weebly users is a simple sign up process. After that process has been completed, users are greeted by the Weebly website builder. This website builder welcome site provides all the basic elements of a website on a page, and users are free to choose a variety of pages layouts and templates. The Weebly website builder includes many different templates and designs for business owners and individuals to choose from, making it useful for a number of different types of businesses.Even though Weebly is a very capable web builder, there are some negatives that website owners will need to be aware of. Perhaps the most important drawback is that Weebly does not provide support for Java scripts. This lack of Java support means that web designers will not be able to use many special effects on their sites. Weebly also does not provide the ability to edit the HTML code directly, another major drawback for many users.The bottom line is that Weebly is a capable and easy to use website builder for simple sites. Individuals who want to build a website quickly and easily should definitely consider Weebly to create an easy to build and easy to navigate site. Small business owners, especially those in niche categories, may also want to consider using Weebly to build their sites. Those with more complicated needs, on the other hand, may want to look for a website builder with a more extensive array of tools and capabilities.

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Week 10

podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio radiovideoPDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism derived from “broadcast” and “pod” from the success of the iPod, as podcasts are often listened to on portable media players. In the context of Apple devices, the term “Podcasts” refers to the audio and video version of podcasts, whereas the textual version of podcasts are classified under the app known as Newsstand.

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Week 9

Digital story telling we have learned this at other course too but it was a bad luck because we couldn’t use the same material at both course 🙂 It would be useful but we have to spend much time on it. I knew this before these courses because of this I didn’t have much trouble..

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Week 8

Facebook and twitter is our new world. If as teacher we would find the ways to teac things with the help of them it would be really helpful because nowadays people spend most of their time at these. 

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week 7

WizIQ is an online learning platform. The site is designed to help students and teachers find each other, and to provide an online virtual classroom learning environment.
The WizIQ virtual classroom runs using a Web browser and Adobe Flash. On the site, one can find online tests, tutorials, and recorded classes.WizIQ also serves as a social networking site to bring together educators and students from around the world. There is no vetting of the teachers on the site, as anybody can become a teacher and anybody can be a student. Teachers upload their profiles advertising what they teach, tutorials, their experience and credentials and students can run searches, find recorded classes to watch, tutorials to take, or teachers to work with.

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Week 6

Nicenet is a non-profit organization providing a free web-based classroom environment called the Internet Classroom Assistant, often referred to simply as the ICA. The ICA is designed to foster communication among students and between students and teachers as well as provide basic organizational tools for a classroom such as a link library and calendar.
Dokeos is an open source corporate learning suite with four components: AUTHOR to build e-learning content, LMS to handle interaction with learners, SHOP to sell a course catalog, and EVALUATE for assessment and certification.

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Week 5

Despite I was absent at this week either as 4th week. I learned that the subject was about prezi. I have heard about Prezi before I would really love to be at the class. To be honest because I knew the topics that our teacher has explained I tought that I could do the project or the tasks without going to school…

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Week 4

This week I was not at the class…

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Week 3

It was better than I thought that it would be. At the begining of the lesson I was a bit confused but after a few minutes have passed ı’ve understood what we were doing.

Pb and was the title that week. Instead of pb I found more usefull. Although we had some problem while writing on it. Here I want to say that I was the guy who was deleting the written texts with ctrl + a delete then pressing ctrl+z to take all the written things back 🙂

While I was listening to the lesson ı was thinking that we can do the same thing on facebook or at any social platform. Then I realized that it won’t be usefull as it is on Pb and If these sites are used with the right people it would be really helpful.

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